Werewolves of the Dark Arts: Strategy


Basic Strategy

Remember that players are not allowed to reveal their cards until they have died. This means that nobody truly knows who is what, regardless of what they say they are.

Using the basic setup of Werewolf, Villager, and Seer, only the Werewolves know the identity of the other Werewolves with absolute certainty. The Seer will learn as nights pass who is what, but they may be killed by the Werewolves or the Villagers before discovering anything useful. At its core, Werewolf of the Dark arts pits an informed minority (Werewolves) against an uninformed majority (Villagers).

Players are allowed to say anything they want. This means they can lie, manipulate, redirect, accuse, or even tell the truth if they so desire. It is impossible to know who or what someone is until their card is revealed upon their death. The only restriction on speech is that dead players may not speak. If you are about to be lynched, but have something you must say, you must do it before you are killed.

A Werewolf could claim to be the Seer in order to influence the rest of the Villagers. Of course, it would be suspicious if the 'Seer' was spared by the Werewolves that upcoming night. The real Seer could choose to reveal themselves, but that would surely result in their imminent demise. A player who accidentally says too much or slips up in an argument may unintentionally reveal their card and put themselves at risk. Only that player's death will reveal if they were telling the truth or not. Players are encouraged to find creative ways to kill each other while sparing themselves. Remember that there is no penalty for deliberate misdirection or outright lies.

Mystery Game

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No-Reveal Game

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