Good Aligned, Nighttime

The Witch is a special Villager who brews magic-infused potions. These potions are powerful enough to bring someone back from the brink of death or kill them with a single sip. If it pleases her, the Witch can kill one person and save one person during the Werewolf massacre. However, her potions use many rare components that are difficult and expensive to procure. As such, she only has a very limited amount of elixir available to her at any one time. She must choose her targets carefully lest she waste her valuable potions.

How to GM

For beginner games, during the Identification Phase, simply have the Witch open her eyes so that you can confirm that she knows she is the Witch.

During the Night Phase, show the Witch who may die tonight, and ask her if they would like to use her healing potion. If she give a thumbs up, confirm which person she are healing. Next, ask if she would like to use her poison potion. If she give a thumbs up, motion for her to point to the person she wants to poison. Once she has used a potion, she may not use that potion again during this game. However, it must still be called to ensure that the village does not know it was used. Remember not to do this too quickly lest the village figure out that both potions have been used already.

- "Witch, open your eyes. This is who may die tonight. Would you like to use your healing potion?"
- "Would you like to use your poison potion?"
- "Witch, close your eyes."

Alternate Rules

Stronger Witch
Allow the Witch access to two potions of either type. Using this rule, she could either save twice, kill twice, or still use one of each type of potion. This gives the Witch more flexibility and thus a bit more power. She cannot use the same potion effect twice in one night.

Weaker Witch
If you find your Witch never uses her healing potion and keeps it around just to save herself, consider forbidding the Witch from using it on herself. That should generate a much more selfless Witch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Witch see who the Devil is killing?
Yes. The Witch sees all forms of death that night.

Does the Witch see the Were-Hamster dying even if they were targeted by the Werewolves?
Yes. The Witch sees who may die instead of who will die. If the Werewolves target the Were-Hamster, the Witch sees that the Were-Hamster may be dying.

Does the village know if the Witch has used one of her potions?
No, the village is not told if she has actually used one of their potions. If Witch uses both her healing potion and poison potion in the same turn, only the Witch, Mortician, and Werewolves will know what happened.

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Strategies and Tips

If the Witch saves someone other than themselves during a basic game (no advanced cards in play), they will know that person cannot possibly be a Werewolf.

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