Unaligned, Wildcard

The humble Were-Hamster, tired of being trodden upon by those uppity Werewolves for so many generations is finally rising up to take back his throne as the True King of all Were-Beasts. Those uppity Werewolves aren't even going to see it coming. Actually they probably won't, considering the Were-Hamster is the size of their little toe, and they probably can't even find him.

How to GM

During the Identification Phase, have the Were-Hamster open his eyes so that you can confirm that he is Were-Hamster. Also, make a special note about who this person is, as they do not die if targeted by the Werewolves.

During the Night Phase, if you forgot who the Were-Hamster was and suspect that he may be dying, or otherwise want to remind yourself of who he is, call to have him open his eyes.

Alternate Rules

Weaker Were-Hamster
If the Seer investigates the Were-Hamster, give the Seer a thumbs up because she found a "Were" creature. This can make the Were-Hamster much more vulnerable to being found.

Stronger Werewolf Team
If the Werewolves try to kill the Were-Hamster, the Were-Hamster becomes a Werewolf. Tap the Were-Hamster to let him know he is now another Werewolf and should open his eyes during the next Werewolf call. Do not use the Were-Gerbil with this variation.

Stronger Villager Team
If the Seer investigates the Were-Hamster, the Were-Hamster dies. This is most advantageous to the side of good. Give the Seer a thumbs down but announce the Were-Hamster as a dead body in the morning.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the Were-Hamster is targeted by the Werewolves, does the Witch see that he is not dying?
No, the Witch would actually be told the Were-Hamster may die and is given the chance to save him. Logically, it is incorrect, but it works a bit better in terms of game balance.

If the Were-Hamster is targeted by the Werewolves, does the Scryer see that he is not dying?
Yes, the Scryer is shown the final death count, so they would not be shown the Were-Hamster as a victim of the night.

The Fool was just lynched while the Were-Hamster was still alive. Does the Were-Hamster win?
Yes! The Were-Hamster is a win usurper; he wins instead of the normal winners if he is alive at the end of the game. The Fool's lynching causes the game to end, and at this point, the Were-Hamster steals the win from the Fool.

What happens when the Matchmaker's Lovers or the Thief are still alive with the Were-Hamster at the end of the game?
Both the Lovers and the Thief win in addition to the overall winners of the game. The Were-Hamster does not steal their win.

Isn't that... from that one kid's show about hamsters?
What? No. Look at him. He's covered in blood. Maybe. He's eating a still-beating heart. For breakfast. Yes.

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Strategies and Tips

The Were-Hamster basically plays the same as any Villager. Stay alive, don't draw attention to yourself. Don't get lynched. The biggest advantage is that you don't have to worry about the Werewolves as much.

If the Werewolves target you and you do not die, they will know that you were saved by the Witch (if she has not yet used her healing potion), were protected by the Bodyguard, or are the Were-Hamster. Be careful not to antagonize the Werewolves too much even if they cannot kill you directly.

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