Unaligned, Wildcard

The Were-Gerbil cares not for silly human affairs. Mere trifles they are to the mighty Were-Gerbil. Unlesss... NO! The Were-Gerbil must not succumb to the baked good that humans call cake. She seeks only the Were-Hamster.

How to GM

For beginner games, during the Identification Phase, simply have the Were-Gerbil open her eyes so that you can confirm that she knows she is the Were-Gerbil.

During the Night Phase, have the Were-Gerbil point to someone to investigate. If they point to the Were-Hamster, give her a thumbs up. Otherwise, give her a thumbs down. After finding the Were-Hamster, if both the Were-Gerbil and the Were-Hamster survive until daytime, the game ends, and they win.

- "Were-Gerbil, open your eyes and choose someone to investigate."
- "Were-Gerbil, close your eyes."

Alternate Rules

Weaker Were-Gerbil
If the Seer investigates the Were-Gerbil, give the Seer a thumbs up because she found a "Were" creature. This can make the Were-Gerbil much more vulnerable to being found.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Were-Gerbil? What the heck?
Yep, a Were-Gerbil.

No seriously, a Were-Gerbil?
Yes, seriously.

An inside joke, mostly. Mostly.

And it wins if it finds the Were-Hamster?
Yep. :3

But, that doesn't even make sense!
Sure it does. The Were-Gerbil goes out and she looks for the Were-Hamster. When she finds him, they 'win'.

Yeah. Terrible, isn't it? :D Stay tuned for the Animal Planet documentary!

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