Evil Aligned

The Sorceress is an evil Villager who is in league with the Werewolves. When the sun sets, she obsessively hunts the Seer with her gift of magic. The Sorceress, while beautiful, is a cold mistress. She seeks only to help the Werewolves by destroying the lone person who can see them for what they really are.

How to GM

For beginner games, during the Identification Phase, simply have the Sorceress open her eyes so that you can confirm that she knows she is the Sorceress.

During the Night Phase, have the Sorceress point to someone to investigate. If they point to the Seer, give her a thumbs up. Otherwise, give her a thumbs down.

- "Sorceress, open your eyes and choose someone to investigate."
- "Sorceress, close your eyes."

Alternate Rules

Stronger Sorceress
Consider giving the Sorceress a thumbs-up if she finds a good-aligned character with a night ability (a card with a purple moonlit night background). This will make the Sorceress a little stronger as well as expand her role in the event that she discovers the Seer very early in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Strategies and Tips

If you find the Seer, you can try to claim that you are the real Seer and that she is a Werewolf. Make sure you have the confidence to back it up and insist that you're the one telling the truth.

If you still have not found the Seer around the mid-game, it may be a good idea to claim to be the Seer anyway. You may be able to bait the real Seer into countering your claim and exposing her identity.

The Werewolves do not know the identity of the Sorceress, but you win if they win, even if you have died. You may have to sacrifice yourself in order to kill the Seer.

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