Good Aligned, Nighttime

The Shaman is a powerful sage, able to conjure enchanted Totems from the luminiferous aether onto the front lawns of the sleeping Villagers. They take the form of small statues enveloped in a magical aura, blessing or cursing those who recieve them. Although the Shaman is gifted, the aether is tempermental, and he has little control over what Totem he is granted. He can, however, gift them as he sees fit. He hopes that he can buff the Villagers while disabling the Werewolves, giving them enough of an advantage to wipe out the diseased beasts.

How to GM

For beginner games, during the Identification Phase, simply have the Shaman open his eyes so that you can confirm that he knows he is the Shaman.

During the Night Phase, have the Shaman open his eyes and choose one Totem at random from the stack of Totems. Show it to the Shaman. Have him select the person that he wants to give the Totem to. As owning a Totem is not a secret, you can be less than discreet at distributing Totem cards. Be careful not to accidentally let anyone see what the Totems are. The person who receives the Totem is not allowed to look at it at any point, but they do know that they got a Totem. After the Totem is handed out, have the Shaman close his eyes.

- "Shaman, open your eyes. This is tonight's Totem. Please select someone to give it to."
- "Shaman, close your eyes."

For a list of Totems and how they work, please go to the Totems page.

At this point, make a note about which Totem was handed out. Be sure to keep track of its effects on the recipient.

At the end of the next day phase, after someone is lynched, send the village to sleep and pick up any Totems in front of the players.

Alternate Rules

Stronger Shaman
When doing Totem clean-up at the end of the day phase, reveal the Totems to the village. While this rule works well in some groups, it is not recommended overall because it may reveal too much information about the Shaman's identity to clever players.

Mysterious Mystery Game
To add more mystery to a Mystery Game, have the Town Mayor take the role of the Shaman and other roles that have a visible nightly effect on the game. In this instance, try and roleplay the actions the Shaman would normally perform, creating chaos in the village. Note that this variant of the Mystery Game rules requires a very experienced GM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play with the Shaman and the Crazed Shaman at the same time?
Yes, but be aware it can put quite the strain on your sanity as a GM. If you choose to do so, the Shaman gets called first, and his one Totem is handed out before the Crazed Shaman's Totems. If you choose to play with both cards at once, consider keeping a notepad available to remember how Totems are distributed.

Can I keep giving Totems to the same person every night?
Yes. You'll really make their day, we promise.

Can the Shaman give a Totem to himself?
Yes, the Shaman can give Totems to himself, but they're a lot more fun if you inflict them on your friends.

What happens when a Totem expires?
The Totem cards are shuffled back together at the beginning of the next Night Phase so the Shaman always has a full set of 7 Totems to work from.

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