Good Aligned, Nighttime

The Seer is a special Villager with the unique, feared, and coveted ability to detect the taint of lycanthropy - in other words, she can see who is a Werewolf. The Seer's ability is both a blessing and a curse. She can detect who is touched by the wolf, but she cannot see who is helping them murder the Villagers. Said Villagers want to shield her from the hungry Werewolves, but those who have allied themselves with evil seek to destroy her. Even exposing her identity is inviting danger. She walks a difficult path.

How to GM

If there is no Scryer:
For beginner games, during the Identification Phase, simply have the Seer open her eyes so that you can confirm that she knows she is the Seer.

During the Night Phase, have the Seer choose someone to investigate. If that person is a Werewolf, the Seer is given a thumbs up. If the person is anything other than a Werewolf, the Seer is given a thumbs down.

- "Seer, open your eyes and choose someone to investigate"
- "Seer, close your eyes."

If there is a Scryer:
During the Identification Phase, first have the Seer open her eyes, then have the Scryer open his eyes and identify the Seer. Once the pair has identified each other, have them both close their eyes.

- "Seer, open your eyes."
- "Seer, keep your eyes open. Scryer, open your eyes and identify the Seer."
- "Scryer and Seer, close your eyes."

During the Night Phase, after the Scyrer is shown who will die, have the Seer open her eyes and silently communicate with the Scryer for a moment. Then, have the Scryer close his eyes and ask the Seer to choose someone to investigate as normal.

- "Seer, open your eyes and communicate with the Scryer."
- "Scryer, close your eyes."
- "Seer, choose someone to investigate."
- "Seer, close your eyes."

Alternate Rules

Were-Rodent Detection
If the Seer points to the Were-Hamster or the Were-Gerbil, give the Seer a thumbs up because she found a "Were" creature. During a No-Reveal game, it gives the village a chance to discover the Were-Rodents before the end of the game. During a Mystery game however, this rule adds some uncertainty to the Seer's investigation.

Stronger Seer (No-Reveal)
Allow the Seer to investigate those that have already fallen. This will not come up frequently, but it can turn the game around for the good-aligned players in No-Reveal game.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Strategies and Tips

If you can lead people to lynching a Werewolf without directly saying you know they are a Werewolf, it can help you to stay alive longer in a big game. Otherwise, you might wait to wait until you know a few other players who are not Werewolves before calling them out.

If someone else claims to be the Seer, do not instantly call them out as lying. Depending on how many people are alive, you might continue to investigate. Spend a night and check if the imposter is a Werewolf themselves, or just possibly an evil character. If they are not a Werewolf, bring this up the next day, which will make it easier for them to believe that you are the real Seer.

The Seer is the best defense the Villagers have, and there are many evil characters that want to kill or impersonate the Seer for their own gain. There is no 100% way for players to know if someone is being truthful about their or someone else's identity until after they are dead and their card is revealed, and they may think that anyone claiming to know who is who is lying. You must exercise caution when revealing identities, including your own. Doing so in a clumsy way could result in an early death.

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