Good Aligned, Nighttime

The Scryer is a special Villager who has the ability to divine who will die in the near future. As a morbid fortune-teller, his mirror shows the faces of those who will pass to the afterlife, but it does not show him the means by which they meet their end. As his craft is similar to the far-reaching vision of the Seer, they can communicate in secret across the aether. In doing this, they are working together in protecting the Villagers who may be unaware of their imminent doom.

How to GM

During the Identification Phase, when the Scryer is included, have the Seer open her eyes followed by the Scryer. Once they have identified each other, have them both close their eyes.

- "Seer, open your eyes."
- "Seer, keep your eyes open. Scryer, open your eyes and identify the Seer."
- "Seer and Scryer, close your eyes."

During the Night Phase, have the Scryer open his eyes and show him who will die that night. Then, give him a moment to communicate with the Seer and share this knowedge.

- "Scryer, open your eyes. This is who will die tonight."
- "Seer, open your eyes and communicate with the Scryer."
- "Scryer, close your eyes."

Alternate Rules

Stronger Scryer
When the Seer dies, have the Scryer take over her role and become a replacement Seer. This will give the village a second Seer in the event that the original Seer has an untimely death. This can be a huge advantage for the good-aligned players.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Scryer shown who will die by other means, such as the Witch?
Yes, the Scryer is shown all deaths of the night.

If the Witch or Bodyguard protect someone, does the Scryer still get shown that the protected person will die?
No. The Scryer is only shown who will for sure die. If someone has been protected, they are not shown to the Scryer.

The Seer has died; does the Scryer have to keep opening his eyes at night?
No, it only grants you a small amount of foresight. Aside from the psychological elements that go with that, there's no strategic reason to care who will die as it's already set in stone at that point.

How is the game run with multiple Scryers and Seers?
Run the Identification Phase as normal, assigning 1's and 2's to both characters. Pair Scryer 1 and Seer 1 together, and Scryer 2 and Seer 2 together.

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Strategies and Tips

The period of communication between the Scryer and Seer can be used for more than sharing who will die. The Seer can share the information she gleaned from the night before, or they can discuss strategy.

The Scryer can pretend to be the Seer, especially if they have managed to learn the identity of one of the Werewolves. This will probably lead to the remaining Werewolves or other evil characters trying to kill you, but this may benefit the Seer by getting the attention of the evil characters directed away from her.

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