Good Aligned, Nighttime

The Oracle has the rare ability to cut through lies and intrigue to expose the truth - she can force someone to reveal their true nature to the village with her powerful magic. However, this ability comes with a terrible price. The Oracle's spell will only complete when she makes the ultimate sacrifice and gives her life for the sake of her fellow Villagers. Rather than seeing this as a futile effort, she values the lives of many over the life of one. She flirts with death, hoping that it will take the bait.

How to GM

During the Identification Phase and the Night Phase, have the Oracle open her eyes and point to someone to Curse. Pay close atttention if you happen to know that the Oracle will be dying tonight. Otherwise, just make sure to confirm the Oracle's choice; it won't matter unless the Oracle gets lynched.

- "Oracle, open your eyes, and choose someone to Curse."
- "Oracle, close your eyes."

When the Oracle is killed by any means, the person she Cursed on the previous night has their role revealed to the village. Flip their card face up, but do not collect it.

- "The Oracle has died, and you have been Cursed. Your role of ________ is now revealed."

Alternate Rules

Stronger Oracle (No-Reveal)
Allow the Oracle to Curse a player that has already died. Revealing the identity of a dead player can provide valuable insight into their motivations and behavior. It may also give the village hints about who killed them and why.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Oracle was Hexed and then died that night. Is the role of the person they Cursed the night before revealed to the village?
No. If the Oracle is Hexed and then killed before she can Curse someone again, she does not reveal anyone's identity. The Curse only triggers on the person targeted the previous night, not nights before that.

In a No-Reveal Game, how does the Oracle work?
The Oracle will be one of the few cards that players will know when they die. However, because the Oracle could have cursed someone who just died or could have gotten Hexed, it is not guaranteed that the Oracle is still alive if someone hasn't been revealed. In short, if someone has their role revealed by having their card placed face up, it is a telltale sign that there was an Oracle present within the deck and they died. The absence of this event (reveal on player death) is ambiguous and provides no information to the players about the status of the Oracle card and its player.

Why does the Oracle Curse someone? That sounds evil.
The Oracle's ability is called Cursing because it is neither good nor evil, but rather it is more likely to be helpful than damaging to the Villagers. The person who is Cursed has their role forcibly revealed, which is more negative in effect than positive for the person involved. Think of her Cursing as cutting through the secrets and lies surrounding the mysterious murders in order to help the Villagers see the truth.

Can the Oracle choose the same person multiple nights in a row?
Yes, the Oracle can continue to pick the same person if she wishes and has no restrictions on frequency. This may be useful if you suspect a certain person of being evil or helping the Werewolves.

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Strategies and Tips

The Oracle is a rare role in that it is a good character who wants to die, or at least she doesn't mind if she is killed. If your death can help shed light on an unknown situation, then be brave and let yourself by lynched, mauled, poisoned, or otherwise to help out, especially if it reveals the Fool or Were-Hamster!

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