Evil Aligned

The Necromancer, an evil Villager, desecrates the remains of the dead to use for her own ends, helping the Werewolves dominate the village. With her assistance, she hopes they will destroy it. Through the patterns cast by the bones of the forgotten, her macabre power tells her how many unfortunate lambs are still waiting to go to the slaughter. Although limited in scope, the Necromancer's power gives her precious information about how the odds are stacked for or against her cause.

How to GM

For beginner games, during the Identification Phase, simply have the Necromancer open her eyes so that you can confirm that she knows she is the Necromancer. Additionally, you might remind the Necromancer that she is an evil character who is shown how many good characters are still alive.

During the Night Phase, show the Necromancer the number of good characters still alive via a signboard or hand gestures. Once she have acknowledged the number you have given her, have her close her eyes.

- "Necromancer, open your eyes. This is how many good characters are still alive."
- "Necromancer, close your eyes."

Additional GM Notes: As the GM, it is your job to keep track of how many good and evil characters are still alive. Know your starting numbers, and subtract from each side as players are killed. Adding the dead cards to your phase card stack will make sure no one sees the elliminated roles, as well as allow you to count over how many of a certain allegiance has died. Remember that Evil-aligned cards always have a dark night-time background while Good-aligned cards have a daytime village background or a more purple moonlit night background. For example, the Thief is a Good-Aligned card for the Necomancer's divination.

Alternate Rules

Stronger Necromancer (No-Reveal)
Show the Necromancer the role card of the last good player to die. This gives the Necromancer a role they can safely pretend to be to trick the village.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play with the Necromancer on a normal game?
While the Necromancer was designed for No-Reveal and Mystery Games, it can serve some degree of use in a larger game, particularly with cards like Gravedigger and Turncoat in play, but it is generally not recommended.

If there's a Fool or Were-Hamster in play, are they good or evil?
Any Wild card (unaligned card with a pink rainbow background) is neither good nor evil, and they do not count towards the total for either side.

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Strategies and Tips

If the Werewolves or evil characters start to have a numbers advantage, try to let them know discreetly during the day phase. If you really want to take a risk, make an accusation towards someone you think is a Villager and say you're evil. At this point, the Werewolf and other evil players can jump in and secure domination.

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