Good Aligned, Daytime

Part fortune teller and part cleric, the Matchmaker is a special Villager who selects Lovers to form successful and (hopefully) long-loved unions. The other Villagers seek her guidance to set up happy and profitable marriages for themselves and their children. Her divined unions are stronger than the most well-forged steel, and should one Lover meet an untimely end, the other will soon follow to the afterlife.

How to GM

During the Identification Phase, call for the Matchmaker to open her eyes and point to two people. The two selected people are made to be 'Lovers'. If one of the two dies, the other one will also die. After the two people have been selected, have the Matchmaker close her eyes, and then ask everyone to hold a hand out in front of them. Tap the hands of the two people that were chosen, and make sure to pass your hand over the entire circle at least once. After the two people have been tapped, ask everyone to put their hands down, and then have the Lovers open their eyes and identify each other.

- "Matchmaker, open your eyes and select two people to make Lovers."
- "Matchmaker, close your eyes."
- "Everyone place a hand out in front of you. I will now tap the two people chosen to be Lovers. Do not open your eyes yet."
- "Everyone can put their hands down. Will the two people I tapped please open your eyes and identify each other."
- "Lovers, close your eyes."

Alternate Rules

There are no alternate rules for this card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Matchmaker select themselves as one of the Lovers?
Yes, though some people might not appreciate being paired with such an aged woman. ;3

Do the Lovers still win if the Fool or Were-Hamster wins?
Yes, as long as they are still alive when the game ends, they will win. Think of it as the joy of dying together.

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Strategies and Tips

The Matchmaker is mostly a card to have fun with, though it can become a powerful meta-game card. As for who to pick to be Lovers, it is entirely up to the Matchmaker's whim. That being said, if your choice for Lovers is too obvious (a real-life couple for example), the Werewolves might choose to kill one of them in order to eliminate them both.

Remember, your only goal as Lovers is to stay alive, regardless of what your partner actually is. There have been games where the Lovers were the Seer and a Werewolf. Talk about being star-crossed.

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