Master of Teleportation

Unaligned, Wildcard

The Master of Teleportation doesn't care too much for this whole Werewolf infestation. It's a minor inconvenience at best. One of the great secrets of the magical arts has been illuminated - he has discovered how to make people and things exchange locations in but an instant. Princess Buttercup, his faithful steed, may not approve, but she just doesn't understand the majesty of his craft. His fellow Villagers serve as unlucky guinea pigs, of course, but they don't seem to mind having their houses all mixed around. It is but a minor sacrifice in his search for perfection.

How to GM

For beginner games, during the Identification Phase, simply have the Master of Teleportation open his eyes so that you can confirm that he knows he is the Master of Teleportation.

During the Night Phase, have the Master of Teleportation open his eyes and select any two players (including dead players) within the gaming circle. Make a note of this choice and have the Master of Teleportation close his eyes.

- "Master of Teleportation, open your eyes, and choose any two people to teleport, dead or alive." (The GM can say whatever line they want here as long as it gets the point across.)
- "Master of Teleportation, close your eyes."

Awaken the two players that have had their houses and land magically moved during the night. Their role card moves with them, and nothing changes aside from where they were seated. This is done while the rest of the village is still asleep but does not have to be discreet because the results are obvious.

"You must now change places. Take your card with you and make sure you do not reveal it to anyone as you switch."

Alternate Rules

Extra Usage
For smaller games, call the Master of Teleportation during the Identification Phase and allow him to use his ability. This will ensure that he is able to use his Teleportation at least once before being killed or the game ending.

More Choices
Master of Teleportation isn't silly enough? Allow him to also swap extra empty seats that happen to be in the circle. It's generally more fun to swap two players, but Teleporting someone to an empty plot of land can also be quite funny.

Houses vs Plots of Land
When Teleporting two players, leave their Totems on their 'lawns' and move only the players and their roles. The Master of Teleportation can only swap players that are currently alive if using this alternate rule.

Swapping Targeting
With this rule, death and protection target specific plots of land rather than specific players. That is, whatever player is lucky (or unlucky) enough to occupy a specific seat will be killed or protected instead of the individual who was originally singled out. Much chaos will happen if you use this rule; be prepared and experiment.

Mysterious Mystery Game
To add more mystery to a Mystery Game, have the Town Mayor take the role of the Master of Teleportation and other roles that have a visible nightly effect on the game. In this instance, try and roleplay the actions the Master of Teleportation would normally perform, creating chaos in the village. Note that this variant of the Mystery Game rules requires a very experienced GM.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whiskey tango foxtrot?

No really what the French is this?
Think of him as the Mad Hatter of the Werewolf world. Most people love this card because it's so weird and pointless.

Do Totems move along with their owners?
Ordinarily, yes. The only time they would stay in their original position is when the group is using an alternative ruleset.

Why can't the Master of Teleportation win?
All of the Wild-aligned cards have special winning conditions or cannot win at all. Unlike other cards, the Master of Teleportation does not have a goal or agenda that he can work towards in order to win the game. Having a pre-defined objective is antithetic to the intended purpose of this card. Instead of trying to stay alive until the end of the game, helping a group of players win, or meeting some obscure winning condition, the Master of Teleportation simply exists to practice his ability. As long as the Master of Teleportation is able to do this, he is winning in his own way. Of course, players are encouraged to think of their own reasons and theories for why this is!

Ugh, this card is so stupid! Your You're stupid! I hate it!
Believe it or not, Master of Teleportation actually does have a tangible effect on the game beyond forcing players to expend precious calories as they swap places. Having people move around can cause inexperienced or inattentive players to forget who they investigated or who said what. It's also useful to break up a pair of players who are whispering to each other and strategizing in secret. Most importantly, this card is supposed to be fun!

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Strategies and Tips

What, seriously? Oh right, you want to stay alive, and half the village will want to hang you from the tallest tree in the land. Remember that while the Master of Teleportation can't win, being dead isn't very much fun either. Try not to do anything that will outright get you killed such as claiming to be a high-risk card like the Seer or openly admitting that you're the Master of Teleportation.

Remember that you can play as though you are evil and try and help the Werewolves win, or you can play as though you were good and trying to help the villagers. It doesn't really matter how you decide to play or who you choose to help, if you choose to help anyone at all. The only way to be a 'bad' Master of Teleportation is to not have a good time flummoxing your fellow players.

You can keep moving yourself around endlessly, if you want, but that might look suspicious. Alternatively, continually moving the same person around may make them look suspicious.

Beware the player who brings a comfy chair to the group! You may quickly find yourself evicted from your prime real estate.

You could focus on being funny rather than being the biggest troll in the game. Swap a dead person and another dead person, or swap the same pair you just swapped back to their original locations. Just have a good time doing it! ;3

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