Totem of Influence

Whoever wakes up infused with the magic of this totem feels particularly confident. Their smile is more sincere; their words more convincing. While they might not be able to sway the entire village, their silver tongue is extremely persuasive. The charismatic totem-bearer finds it easier to put their chosen hated to death. Like all totems, this enchantment is potent yet short-lived; its power exhausted, the totem mysteriously vanishes as night falls.

How to GM

Be sure to know who has the Totem of Influence when votes are being counted. If the person with the Totem of Influence has raised their hand, count their vote twice.

If a vote-altering totem is present during a day's lynching, be especially careful when tallying votes. If the owner of the Totem of Influence raises their hand, add an additional vote to the count. Do not announce the final count; simply say how many hands were raised and if the vote passes or fails.

When determining if a vote to lynch is successful, divide the total number of living players (including person being voted on!) in half, rounded up to the nearest whole number. This number is how many votes are needed for the lynching to go through. If there are 9 or 10 remaining villagers, 5 votes are required to lynch someone.

For a list of Totems and how they work, please go to the Totems page.

Alternate Rules

There are no alternate rules for this card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I tell people I have the Totem of Influence?
You can tell the other players anything you want, but you may not look at or reveal the card.

What happens when a Totem expires?
The Totem cards are shuffled back together at the beginning of the next Night Phase so the Shaman always has a full set of 7 Totems to work from.

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Strategies and Tips

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