Chooses Alignment

The Gravedigger has the most loathed, unclean job in the village. He is especially busy now that people seem to be dying at an alarmingly fast rate. The Gravedigger works at night, tending to the forgotten dead, and he alone is privy to the actions of those who wish to hide their movements under the cover to darkness. His relationship with the townspeople has always been strained. During some years, he is treated as a filthy outcast, little better than the corpses he buries. During others, people are grateful for his tireless labor. Now that violence has broken out, who will he try to save?

How to GM

During the Identification Phase, have the Gravedigger open his eyes. Choose an allegiance for him: thumbs up for the side of the Villagers (good) or thumbs down for the side of the Werewolves (evil).

- "Gravedigger, open your eyes. This is your allegiance."
- "Gravedigger, close your eyes."

During the Night Phase, the Gravedigger may choose one role to watch. He cannot watch the Werewolves, nor can he watch any of the Wild-aligned roles (cards with a pink rainbow background). It must be clearly visible that he is observing the night time role, and he must close his eyes when the other role closes their eyes. The Gravedigger may not watch the same role on consecutive nights.

Alternate Rules

Much Stronger Gravedigger
Allow the Gravedigger to communicate with the night time role they have chosen to watch. This is a substantial increase in power for the Gravedigger and their chosen team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't the Gravedigger watch the Werewolves?
Fake answer: The Werewolves are incredibly paranoid and may end up killing him in a fit of rage.
Real answer: This is gamebreaking and unfun.

Why can't the Gravedigger watch the Wild-aligned roles?
Generally these cards are intended to troll confuse players and spice up the games. This means that most of the group will likely want them to be killed, regardless of if they are good or evil. Allowing the Gravedigger to watch Wildcards is unfair and beyond the scope of what the Gravedigger is intended to do.

What if the Gravedigger watches something that he's not supposed to watch?
That would be cheating. Annouce that he was caught and killed; take his card. Letting the Gravedigger watch forbidden events will break the game if it's not prevented.

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Strategies and Tips

If you think you're going to die, spill your guts and let the team you're on know everything you've learned.

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