Evil Aligned

The Cultist is an evil Villager, secretly working in the darkness to support the Werewolves. These shadowy characters know each other through the nerfarious activities of their secret cult, and they also know the identities of the Werewolves. Using the combined efforts of their maligned influence, they want nothing more than to destroy the Villagers at any cost - even if it means their death.

How to GM

During the Identification Phase, have the Cultsit(s) open their eyes. First, if there is more than one Cultist, have the Cultists identify each other. Then, point out the Werewolves to the Cultist(s).

- "Cultists, open your eyes and identify each other."
- "These are your Werewolves."
- "Cultists, close your eyes."

Alternate Rules

No alternate rules exist for this card.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Strategies and Tips

The Cultist will win if the Werewolves win, even if the Cultist has died. If the Cultist can mix the game up and give the Werewolves a better chance of winning, even if it will get the Cultist themselves killed, they should do so.

Remember that the Werewolves do not know the identity of the Cultists. If the Werewolves suspect that you are out to get them, they may kill you. However, if the other Villagers suspect that you are working with the Werewolves, they may lynch you. The Cultist(s) must exercise caution when trying to subtly influence the Villagers or Werewolves.

If you are going to signal to the Werewolves or each other, make sure you don't get caught or give away the identity of the Werewolves.

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