Totem of Confusion

This totem radiates a thick mental fog, inflicting its recipient with a sort of temporary amnesia. Unable to remember what they were going to do or why they were going to do it, the afflicted stay home that night instead of engaging in whatever savory (or unsavory) act they had planned. Like a bad hangover, they must sleep it off. Like all totems, this enchantment is potent yet short-lived; its power exhausted, the totem mysteriously vanishes as night falls.

How to GM

The person with the Totem of Confusion is Hexed, but not until the following night. Be sure to remember to Hex the owner of the totem if they are someone who gets called at night during the next Night Phase. If the owner is a Villager with no night ability or a special role that cannot be Hexed, disregard the Totem.

See the Warlock for more information on Hexing.

For a list of Totems and how they work, please go to the Totems page.

Alternate Rules

There are no alternate rules for this card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Warlock get Hexed from the Totem of Confusion?
Yes. This is the only way that the Warlock can be Hexed. All other rules of Hexing apply as normal.

What happens when a Totem expires?
The Totem cards are shuffled back together at the beginning of the next Night Phase so the Shaman always has a full set of 7 Totems to work from.

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